Our Camping Getaway

Let’s talk camping! If you have been following my recent blogs you’ll find that me and Zac are no strangers to traveling, it keeps our hearts warm and our minds curious about the world around us. Recently we had excitedly […]

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South Island Adventures

Recently Zac and I received an invitation to attend the wedding of our good friends, Alex Pledger (the basketballer) and his lovely fiance, now wife, Bailee Pledger. Not not only were we fortunate to be a part of our friends […]

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Our stay at Songbird Retreat

Over the summer months Zac and I rarely get to have a day (let alone two days in row) to be together. So one night when we both walked in home late, and were missing each other so much we […]

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Tips on ‘how to be cool’ at the Airport

Zac and I have just spent 10 days traveling South East Asia and I gotta say it was so good to have time with him however, it  meant having to spend a lot of time in airports and this brought […]

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Highlights of our week in Kauai, the Island off Hawaii

A Kauai Hiking Tour “Let’s go on a walk” Zac says!! Next minute we have our own personal guide and we are packing enough food for a whole day! IMG_1206_large We packed out bags; cameras, food, water, forgetting jackets, spare […]

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Five things to do in Waikiki

1# ABC Stores: Essentially a supermarket, but smaller: it’s here us small town kiwi kids got lost for hours, we would found everything from boiled eggs, to cheap alcohol to most importantly blow-up floaties. They also have the most impressive […]

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Five things to do beyond Waikiki – Hawaii

1# Hiking: We walked passed a simple looking sign saying “Caution- Dangerous Path Ahead” not thinking much of it we kept going. We suddenly found ourselves having to scale up a steep cliff-like incline with only ropes to hang on […]

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A day spa at sea!!

Let’s just say last week my Sunday morning was a little different!! At 9:45am, Sunday the 15th May, me and a group of 6 boarded Celebrity Solstice while she was in port here in Auckland. Once through security we were […]

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I went Glamping

I’m not a camper by any means but there’s something about glamping that I’ve always wanted to try so I did! I went and stayed at Highfield Forest Retreat  run by Canopy Camping Escapes and it was awesome!!! Highfield Forest […]

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