Our stay at Songbird Retreat

Over the summer months Zac and I rarely get to have a day (let alone two days in row) to be together. So one night when we both walked in home late, and were missing each other so much we […]

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Tips on ‘how to be cool’ at the Airport

Zac and I have just spent 10 days traveling South East Asia and I gotta say it was so good to have time with him however, it  meant having to spend a lot of time in airports and this brought […]

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Highlights of our week in Kauai, the Island off Hawaii

A Kauai Hiking Tour “Let’s go on a walk” Zac says!! Next minute we have our own personal guide and we are packing enough food for a whole day! IMG_1206_large We packed out bags; cameras, food, water, forgetting jackets, spare […]

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Five things to do in Waikiki

1# ABC Stores: Essentially a supermarket, but smaller: it’s here us small town kiwi kids got lost for hours, we would found everything from boiled eggs, to cheap alcohol to most importantly blow-up floaties. They also have the most impressive […]

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Five things to do beyond Waikiki – Hawaii

1# Hiking: We walked passed a simple looking sign saying “Caution- Dangerous Path Ahead” not thinking much of it we kept going. We suddenly found ourselves having to scale up a steep cliff-like incline with only ropes to hang on […]

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A day spa at sea!!

Let’s just say last week my Sunday morning was a little different!! At 9:45am, Sunday the 15th May, me and a group of 6 boarded Celebrity Solstice while she was in port here in Auckland. Once through security we were […]

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I went Glamping

I’m not a camper by any means but there’s something about glamping that I’ve always wanted to try so I did! I went and stayed at Highfield Forest Retreat  run by Canopy Camping Escapes and it was awesome!!! Highfield Forest […]

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