Five things to do in Waikiki

1# ABC Stores: Essentially a supermarket, but smaller: it’s here us small town kiwi kids got lost for hours, we would found everything from boiled eggs, to cheap alcohol to most importantly blow-up floaties. They also have the most impressive […]

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Five things to do beyond Waikiki – Hawaii

1# Hiking: We walked passed a simple looking sign saying “Caution- Dangerous Path Ahead” not thinking much of it we kept going. We suddenly found ourselves having to scale up a steep cliff-like incline with only ropes to hang on […]

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A day spa at sea!!

Let’s just say last week my Sunday morning was a little different!! At 9:45am, Sunday the 15th May, me and a group of 6 boarded Celebrity Solstice while she was in port here in Auckland. Once through security we were […]

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School Kids, Art and The Environment

This week I popped down to an art activation aimed to encourage primary students to think about the environment and sustainabiltiy and I can honestly say I felt lucky to be involved! We all hung out and created art work […]

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The most bizzare chairs I’ve ever seen

So a modern chair is a piece of furniture that allows us humans to relax. One of the oldest and simple objects mankind has ever designed but the designers I’m about to tell you about today have thrown that basic […]

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Do you know what the colour of the year for 2018 is? ……

OMG I am in love with Pantone’s colour of the year this year!! Don’t get me wrong, last years was greenery and that was cool, but this Ultra Violet is way more dramatic!  I will explain what that cover picture […]

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Feng Shui your house for 2018

So Feng Shui means “wind and water” in Chinese and is a Chinese system of luck.  It is also the ancient Chinese practice of placement and arrangement of space to achieve harmony with the environment. I figured with this being […]

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Outdoor trends for 2018

This heat!!!  OMG is it just me?? I’m not copping, either that or am I going through early menopause? The only solution is to stand outside and hope for fresh air but even then, my place has a terrible outdoor […]

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What’s trending in Christmas Decorations for 2017

Firstly, why bother with Christmas Decorations??? Because they invite people in! This is the time of the year where you simply want people you cherish to pop in so to draw them in you need to make your home more […]

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